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Floorwiz Butterfly Mop

Floorwiz Butterfly Mop

Independently proven to wash and dry 70% faster than any other mop


Floorwiz Pro Butterfly mop has a patented extraction system that allows you to clean better than any other mop! Recent independent studies have proven that the Butterfly mop will wash and dry up to 70% faster!

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  • Patented extraction system
  • Ultra absorbent PVA sponge
  • Lightweight
  • Telescopic handle
  • The Original - Beware of cheap imitations
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year quality guarantee

Detailed description:

The Floorwiz Butterfly mop cleans and dries in one quick swipe! It’s unique patented extraction system has been independently proven to absorb more liquid compared to other mops. The Butterfly mop will also dry your floors faster. The Floorwiz ensures no dirt, stickiness and residue is left on the floor. The Floorwiz can even be used to suck up spills off your carpets. It’s not really clean until it’s Floorwiz clean!
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