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Floorwiz Microfibre Mop

Floorwiz Microfibre Mop

Cleans hard floors faster, easier and better without any harmful detergents

Clean better than ever before with the power of microfibre

Cleaning your home shouldn’t be a back breaking chore! Verimark’s Floorwiz Microfibre mop is proven to clean faster and more effectively without harmful detergents. Simply machine wash the mop pad and it’s as good as new, even after the toughest job!

Price: R115.00
Demo Price: R99.90
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  • 360° Swivel head
  • Works with water and the power of microfibre
  • Cleans dirt, dust, scuff marks, grease, pet hair, spills and more
  • Suitable for hardwood, tile, vinyl and many other surfaces
  • Attracts dust like a magnet
  • Machine washable replacement pad
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year quality guarantee

Detailed description:

Microfibre Mop cleans better and faster with the power of Microfibre.Floorwiz Microfibre Mop cleans better and faster with the power of Microfibre. The Floorwiz works with only water, no harsh chemicals are required, so your floors will be left streak free everytime! The secret is in the microfibre pad. Manufactured from fibres that are one hundred times thinner than human hair ensuring the Floorwiz penetrates every crack and loosens even the finest dirt. The Microfibre pad is super absorbent so it will mop up sticky spills leaving your floors dry in just seconds. It attracts dirt like a magnet, making it a perfect duster. The swivel head allows you to easily clean around and under furniture

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