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Genesis 10-in-1 Steam Mop

Genesis 10-in-1 Steam Mop

Cleans and sanitises with the power of super heated steam.

With the new 10-in-1 Genesis from Verimark you clean and sanitize your home quickly and easily… with steam only!

*R72 x 24 months
Total Repayment Amount: R2 758
*R53 x 36 months
Total Repayment Amount: R3 446

Price: R1399.00
Demo Price: R1099.00
* Subject to availability


  • If you're still using expensive chemicals to clean your home, then this is for you. If you have a baby or pets that walk and crawl on these floors, don't you think using chemicals can harm them?
  • With Genesis, just use ordinary tap water and in seconds you have super-heated steam…, that can be adjusted …
  • Clean your tiled floors, vinyl or marble easily …
  • Super-heated steam loosens the dirt and grime… then the Microwiz pad removes and collects it all…
  • Even crayon marks can be melted away!
  • Because Genesis does not soak floors, you can now polish and sanitize your sealed wooden floors, …
  • Killing germs and bacteria without hazardous chemicals …
  • Leaving a streak-free and sparkling clean surface that dries in seconds…!
  • With the included carpet glider, steam-clean and deodorise your carpets …
  • Remove dirt spots and even crayon marks.

Detailed description:

Genesis 10-in-1 Steam Mop Genesis also changes in seconds to a handheld steamer in seconds.With a full range of attachments, you can:

  • Remove burnt-on food from your stove, or stubborn grease from the oven …
  • Even your braai …
  • Clean windows, mirrors and even shower doors …
  • That "impossible-to-remove" grime between the tiles…
  • Use it as a garment steamer…
  • Steam clean and sanitize your toilet …

Get your Genesis ten-in-one steam cleaner now!


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