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Genesis Anti Allergen Cleaner

Genesis Anti Allergen Cleaner

Advanced detergent range to make cleaning easy

Verimark's passion for quality and improvement resulted in the development of a brand new range of cleaning formulations that incorporates the latest breakthrough in 
anti-soiling, optical brightening, quick drying, bacteria killing and hypo allergenic ingredients

Price: R99.90

* This item is currently out of stock, we apologise for the inconvenience. Stock will be replenished soon. If you prefer, you can contact your local Verimark store to check availability. Click here to browse our store locator!


  • 2X concentrate
  • Low foam - machine use
  • Anti-allergen formula
  • Anti re-soiling agent
  • Helps kill bacteria
  • Pleasant residual fragrance
  • Bio-degradable & ecofriendly

Contains a unique formulation designed to trap dust particles and prevent them from becoming airborne... This product is great for allergy sufferers. This product contains an advanced blend of mild, yet effective detergents which deep cleans the fibers without excessive soaking of the carpet backing. Low foaming for machine application.
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