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Genesis Hydrovac Eco

Genesis Hydrovac Eco

The most economical water filtration vacuum… saves electricity and does not require bags!

Verimark pioneered marketing vacuuming through water filtration on TV in South Africa more than 13 years ago and now brings you the new Genesis Hydrovac Eco.

  • Water filtration system traps dust & impurities
  • Perfect for pet owners & allergy sufferers
  • Wet & Dry cleaning
  • Convenient blower function
  • No costly bags needed
  • Includes versatile attachments
  • 2 Year quality guarantee

*R55 x 36 months
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Detailed Description:

The most economical water filtration vacuum… saves electricity and does not require bags!Ordinary vacuums use bags that clog up. This not only reduces suction power, but also releases dust back into the air that you breathe. By using water as a filter, the dust is trapped in the water.

Dirty secret of dust bags

As you vacuum with an ordinary vacuum cleaner with a dust bag, the bag fills up with all kinds of dirt, germs, bacteria and dust mites. After vacuuming, you normally store the vacuum in a dark cupboard and this is when things really get ugly… Your vacuum’s dust bag is actually the perfect breeding ground for all those nasties… it’s nice and dark, there’s plenty of food for the dust mites to feed on and they multiply and spread their excrements inside the dust bag. The next time you switch your vacuum on, and because bags do not always filter very well, you are releasing this toxic bomb of dust, dust mite excrements and other waste, back into the air for your family to breathe in. Take note of the following indicators that your vacuum maybe polluting your home more than cleaning it: - The familiar ‘dust smell’ when you vacuum – Those floating particles that you always see in the sunlight coming through the window – you have to dust your shelves and tables after vacuuming.

Switch now to the healthier option… Choose Genesis to clean your entire home and the air that you breathe.

Clean and simple

After every cleaning session, simply empty the dirty water into the drain. Next time you use it, add some clean water and you’re ready to go. If you’re using a bagged vacuum at the moment with those expensive bags, imagine using a ‘new’ filter every time you vacuum and, your filter (water) comes straight from the tap and almost for free!

Attachments for every application

The Genesis comes with a range of attachments including:

  • Crevice tool – Perfect to get to those hard to reach places
  • Multi Floor Attachment – For use on hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and tiled floors
  • Upholstery and Pet hair tool – Ideal to use on your couches, car seats as well as pet hair
  • A non-scratch brush for delicate applications
  • Wet cleaning nozzle – use this tool on hard floors to suck up wet spills & accidents
  • The Genesis is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and can be used for picking up dust and dirt from any surface with the water filtration system installed. It also has a convenient built-in blower to get dust out of every corner of your house.
Great for pet owners

Pet owners know that having pets, involves having more powerful cleaning tools to maintain hygiene in the home. The Genesis advanced filtration system is perfect to filter all the dirt that your pets may carry into your home. It also has a variety of tools which makes cleaning pet related messes a breeze. One of these attachments you will find invaluable, is the Turbo Brush. Use it regularly on carpets to deep clean it and effortlessly remove pet hairs.


If it does not say Genesis or Hydrovac Eco, it is not the authentic Verimark tested and approved water filtration system that will give you cleaning results like never before.

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