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Genesis Hydrovac Extreme II

Genesis Hydrovac Extreme II

Cleans your entire home… and the air you breathe.

Wet vac, deep-cleaner, water-filtration vac and air cleaner in one!

Still struggling for hours trying to clean your home? Outdated vacuum cleaners lack power and lose suction when used, as their dust bags clog up when you vacuum.

Price: R4799.00


  • One versatile machine to clean your entire home
  • Wet and Dry vacuum with revolutionary water filtration
  • Washes and dries carpets and upholstery for a deep down clean
  • Features a breakthrough in super 22Kpa suction power
  • Turbo brush gives you the ultimate in cleaning power
  • Removes dust mites and allergy causing dust
  • Comes complete with a full range of wet and dry cleaning attachments
  • Made in Europe
  • 3 year quality guarantee

Detailed Description:

Wet vac, deep-cleaner, water-filtration vac and air cleaner in one!Now you can spring clean your house in half the time with the most powerful total home cleaner ... the Revolutionary new red Genesis Hydrovac Extreme II from Verimark.

Unlike other vacuums, its super-powered European motor has simply no comparison ... over 22kPa so you can clean your home better and quicker than ever before. And because there are no bags that can clog up, it will never lose suction power.

With Genesis extreme power you vacuum up not only what’s on the carpet, but also suck up all that dirt from underneath it. With Genesis you remove stains quickly and easily as well as wash and dry your carpets as well as your upholstered furniture - it even removes those dreaded dust mites from your mattresses.

Its new super rotating turbo brush lifts and vacuums up dirt and dust from deep inside the pile of your carpet. You’ll be amazed at how the Genesis powers through pet hair!

Genesis’ secret is the revolutionary filtration system. The extremely powerful European motor vacuums air through a water filter that traps the dirt and dust to release fresh clean air. This is great news for the many allergy sufferers out there.

Genesis is built to last and comes with a 3 year guarantee. Get your Genesis Hydrovac Extreme II today!

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