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Genesis Multi Vortex Vacuum

Genesis Multi Vortex Vacuum

The vacuum that cleans better and faster with its patented Multi-Vortex system.

With patented 6-stage bagless filtration technology.

*R62 x 36 months
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  • Cleans better & faster with its multi-vortex system
  • Patented 6-stage bagless filtration system
  • Ideal for carpets and hard-floors
  • 2000W with incredible suction power
  • Dual purpose tools included
  • 2 year quality guarantee

Detailed Description:

The vacuum that cleans better and faster with its patented Multi-Vortex system.

Still struggling to clean your home with that outdated vacuum that constantly requires new bags and loses suction power?

You need the revolutionary new Genesis Multi-Vortex Vacuum Cleaner. It gives you cleaning power like never before… from corner to corner, day after day, year after year.

The secret lies in Genesis unique multi- 6 stage Vortex filtration system.

Unlike ordinary single cyclonic vacuums that only filter large dust particles; the Genesis features fifteen Vortex tubes to vacuum up and filter even the finest dust…

Air is then further filtered through a sponge filter, a micro-woven filter and finally a micro-particle filter to ensure only clean, fresh air is released…

The most important part of a vacuum’s cleaning performance, is suction power and the vacuum’s ability to effectively maintain that suction power will depend on the effectiveness of its filtration system. Genesis employs a new patented, multi-stage, bagless Vortex system that effectively filters dust without restricting the airflow as with vacuums that use inferior filters like bags. This means that with Genesis Multi-Vortex you can clean quicker, for longer and better than before. The tank and the filters are all washable.

How Vortex filtration works:

Air enters the vortex chamber at an angle which creates a vortex airflow in the chamber. This forces particles to the outer wall of the tube through a centrifugal force. Dust and dirt then falls to the bottom of the tank and tube and clean airflow continues through the machine.

All the dirt lands up in the large capacity three litre tank. To empty, simply press the button and the dirt lands up in the trash.

Genesis also comes with this handy crevice tool - perfect to get into those hard-to-reach places or flip over the brush to become the perfect blind cleaner.

Genesis features an incredible eight meter cleaning radius, so you can clean your home quick and easy.

Designed to last for many years, Genesis comes with an incredible two year guarantee.

Start cleaning the easy way and get your Genesis today.

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