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Genesis Vacuum Sealer

Genesis Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum seal your food to lock in freshness and flavour for longer

Seal in the freshness for weeks, months, even years!

Keeping food fresher for longer is now easy with the Genesis Vacuum Sealer. Whether you are storing liquids, leftovers or every day foods the industrial vacuum suction power removes air and seals in the taste. Now you can buy in bulk and save big

*R72 x 24 months
Total Repayment Amount: R2 758
*R53 x 36 months
Total Repayment Amount: R3 446

Price: R1399.00
Demo Price: R1099.00
* Subject to availability


  • Vacuum sealed foods last 5 times longer!
  • New "Quick Seal” function
  • Industrial quality suction power
  • Reusable bags
  • Refill rolls also available
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year quality guarantee

Detailed description:

The Genesis Vacuum Sealer removes all the air around your food.The Genesis Vacuum Sealer removes all the air around your food. The super suction power of the Genesis seals and locks in the freshness so food lasts 5 times longer. The new quick seal function makes the Genesis ideal for delicate foods such as strawberries, bananas & avocado.

The quick seal function ensures even bulk meats, vegetables and leftovers can easily be sealed. The special vacuum channel bags ensure all the air around your food is effectively removed. With the Genesis' industrial vacuum suction power, you can buy in bulk and save big.

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