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Gorilla Spanner

Gorilla Spanner

The Ultimate ‘Sure Grip’ spanner system that automatically adjusts to any size nut or bolt!

Fits all types of nuts & bolts!

Price: R179.00


  • Automatically grips any size or shape not or bolt
  • Self locking grip at 3 points
  • Perfect for plumbing or loosening worn nuts
  • Fits sizes 9 -32cm and anything in between.
  • Made from quality materials
  • 3 year quality guarantee

Detailed Description:

The Ultimate ‘Sure Grip’ spanner system that automatically adjusts to any size nut or bolt!

Are you always hunting for the right size spanner?

…and you find that the spanner you need is always the spanner you don’t have!!! Introducing the new Gorilla self-adjusting lock-tight spanner…with its clever head design that shifts automatically to assume the perfect size of any nut or bolt.

Regular spanners waste adjusting time, but the Gorilla’s unique ratchet system allows continuous turning without ever removing the spanner from the nut or bolt. To change direction, simply turn the spanner around.

Normal spanners grip on only two sides of a hexagonal nut, but the Gorilla’s ‘lock-tight’ system grips the same nut on three sides and the more pressure you apply, the tighter it grips! Even a badly worn nut is solidly gripped by the Gorilla and easily loosened. To crown it all, this incredible spanner even provides an ‘iron grip’ onto round water pipes. Use the gorilla for all plumbing jobs - From kitchen fittings to external garden taps.

The Gorilla works on all sizing standards - imperial, metric and American standards saving you a fortune in money and space in your toolbox. It is the perfect versatile spanner for that unexpected breakdown. The front end of this spanner takes care of all sizes from nine to fourteen millimeters, while the opposite end deals with nuts from fifteen to twenty two millimeters and the powerful ‘lock-tight’ Jumbo spanner takes care of all nuts and bolts from twenty-three to thirty two millimeters in size.

The Gorilla self-adjusting ‘lock-tight’ spanner is made of quality drop-forged steel and is guaranteed for an incredible three years! … With both strength and size on its side, it’s ideal for any heavy-duty job and is a must in any toolbox. For a spanner that fits right every time, get both Gorilla ‘lock tight’ spanners now.

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